5 Easy tips to rock your DIY photos


Marketing and branding is driven by visuals—it’s tough getting noticed without beautiful graphics. There are a lot of small business out there creating their own content, if you own a small business or you’re an entrepreneur you are probably familiar with the struggle of creating content, finding the right photographs, or trying to take your own. If you don’t have access to a creative agency, keeping up with social media profiles and marketing your business can become a full time job, and if you’re running a business chances are you just don’t have time for two fulltime jobs (am I right?). Here are some quick and easy tips to help improve your photographs.

Use Natural Light

Go outside whenever you can to take your pictures. If you can’t get outside try shooting right next to a window. Natural light gives the best results on skin tones and most colors. ProTip: Increase the amount of natural light by placing an inexpensive piece of white matte board behind your subject to reflect light back into your composition.


Declutter your background

Look at your entire photograph including what’s behind your subject. It can be frustrating to take this great shot and when your ready to use it you notice it has something silly in the background. ProTip: Use that white matte board we already talked about.

Change your Perspective

Don’t shoot everything at eye level or just as you see it. Explore different angels, get low or try shooting from above. Consider behind or beneath your objects. Also, take a look at what’s around your subject and how things interact such as shapes and shadows.

Move in Close

Create a more dramatic photograph by moving in close, isolating your subject and eliminating unnecessary elements from your image.


Learn the “Rule of Thirds”

The rule of thirds is one of the most useful composition techniques in photography. Used for composing visual images like designs, paintings, and photographs. It helps to create a sense of excitement and ensure that your images aren’t static…

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Laura Briedis