First thing people ask is… Why Squarespace

There are many reasons, I'll start with how it came about. Early in my webdesign career, I built sites using Joomla, and then it was Wordpress. While, I appreciate the “open source” aspect of those platforms, I found that my clients were not using many of the features and because they're “open source” as the website owner it's up to you to understand security and some level of development. I eventually figured out, it was just too much for many of my clients. They weren't comfortable making changes to their sites, some didn't like the cost of hosting & maintenance contracts. It was kind of a mess! When I discovered Squarespace, it was like lightening hit! I knew I had found a fantastic solution for most businesses. I made the switch and have since committed fully to Squarespace.

Here's why ➟➟

Easy to use: My clients have taken to it very quickly, it feels much more intuitive, it's easy to log in, and easy to find all your setting and information for updating business info, paying your invoices. My clients and I both feel that they have more control and greater understanding of how their site works.Naturally, I provide training and I'm here to help with questions.
No Stress or Anxiety: With Squarespace, you never need to update software or worry about security.
Responsive: Which simply means your site will respond appropriately to phones, tablets, and desktop browsers. What does this really mean—your website will look great on all devices.
Built-in search engine optimization: Squarespace offers all the tools that you’ll need to optimize your site. Adding Page Titles, Custom URLs, Site and Page Descriptions, and Alt Tags is easy.
There's built in sitemap to help Google crawl your site.
Other Bonus Features:
Rich Pins enabled. If you're a blogger or selling a product this is a nice bonus.
If you don't have a gmail verified email, it's very easy and free for the first year.
I am a Squarespace Circle Member which means my clients get 20% the yearly fee.This means you get 20% off your first year of Squarespace when you choose annual billing (for new Squarespace users only).


How to get started…

It starts with a conversation…
We identify your business goals; your audience(s); and how your new website will help grow your business.
Also, any specific integrations, such as integrating a CRM, scheduling software, email marketing, social media..
How much training will be needed on the website.
Lastly, we create your project plan, which may include my copy writer, or usability expert if needed.

The Design

Now that we've got a clear view of your needs and the goals of the project, and I've completed the research and discovery phase, we begin creating your design concept. Together, using your feedback we work through a handful of pages to create a branded design that's unique to your business. This process helps to ensure that the results are not only beautiful but they match your vision.

The Final Stage

Once you approve your design — we're at the final stage. I will get all your pages laid out, implement integrations, and build the foundation of your SEO strategy (using for best practices for your search engine optimization), 

When you're new website is finished. I will teach you how to use the site.  And submit your site to search engines.

A note on pricing:

Custom websites designs range from 2400-5k depending on the features, which includes integrations needed and customizations, the size of your site, search engine optimization needs, copywriting, and content development. 

Price does not include Squarespace fees
Ecommerce pricing varies – please inquire for more information.