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“We really appreciate your guidance and professional opinions. This is why we work with you. We feel you are part of the team, looking out for our future.” ~ Patty

After creating and managing their advertising design for a year or so, they asked me to build them a website. At that point they have a static website which they could not access or update. A Squarespace website is a perfect fit for them because they can choose to go in an edit themselves without needing to know how to code and without worrying too much about messing things up. Or they can have me edit it. They are very happy with the modern design. And it's Squarespace so they do not have to to worry about updating plugin's, security, or hacking issues.

I'm very pleased that we hired Kelly Fletcher, a professional photographer to create a cohesive look throughout the site. Professional photography really makes the site shine. My services consisted of designing the website, choosing the typography, and creating a color scheme. I think it came out great. Go check it out ➟